Choreographed by Mamela Nyamza - performed by Mamela Nyamza and Mihlali Gwatyu
Currently, the Art in South Africa is besotted with patronage instead of possibilities for all; artists in South Africa cannot even agree among themselves how best to challenge our Government to provide artists of all fields, with equitable resources.

As artists in, we need a discourse that goes beyond “decolonization”, a discourse that moves towards humanity, ubuntu, without being blinded by race and class, a discourse that I call a DE-APARTHEID PROCESS.

De-Apart- Hate process is thus the most potent weapon to make the oppressor to understand that s/he is just human and not superior over other human beings, and to make the marginalized to understand that s/he is just human, and not inferior.

This requires an honest dialogue discourse on issues of social, economic and educational systems in South Africa;

The DE-APART- HATE process is a discourse that starts with the struggles of South Africa as a nation without dwelling on narrow particularities of race and ideology.

Critics might lambast the DE-APART-HATE PROCESS as a discourse that suffers from a romanticiziation of the oppressed and marginalized.

But, the De-Apartheid Process is a true discourse for genuine and effective introspection before re-action.

De Apartheid

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